Surfer girl sketch process


Accompany me while I work on a sketch, the beginning of a surf girl series, enjoy it. The finished art it’s found published here.

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Sketching with Clip Studio woman in bikini and sunglasses – speed painting


Accompany me while I work on a sketch with clip studio. The finished art it’s found published here.

December store update in Etsy by Erisado

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December store update with twelve new prints is now available in my shop online. I hope you enjoy this selection!

All available in my Store Etsy Erisadoando

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Today I go to speak about the sections in my store. the first section I created is called “Eriland Creatures” and the second section is called “Pin Up Girl“. Both sections include Art Prints of format A3 and A4, available immediately after shopping with instant download in JPG and PDF.

I talk of each one of them, the first will be Pin Up Girl Section and the four first poster, in another post, I’ll talk the Eriland Creatures.

“Summertime” Is a poster of a woman with wavy blonde hair in bikini and drinking water coconut in summer.

“Cocktail” Is a poster of a woman with a red topknot and drinking a cocktail called Lady In Red.

“Call me” Is a poster of a woman with violet hair talking for phone.

For last, the poster “Let the sea set you free” This illustration is a woman with violet wavy long hair with a phrase in reference to seaside and liberty.

See you soon bye.

Cocktail available in the products of Zazzle.


Is a new collection about a illustration of girl who show her topknot natural hair red with pride and drinking cocktail, available in my store of zazzle Pin Ups by Erisadoyou can have a look here where you will find articles for daily life.

This illustration I started as a sketch in a coffee shop La Cafebrería, in my sketchbook A4 120gr with thick point pencil, thin and medium point markers, all of them fabercastell.


Then to retouch and finish the illustration, I digitized it and edited it in Adobe Illustrator, and this is the result.


Some of the products that can be found in the new collection are articles such as wireless mouse, planner, pencil and more products customized.


Every week at the online store Pin Up by Erisado there are discount codes on different products, so do not miss the news.

We are very happy to have this new collection and for her directly, go to the link here.

What do you think of the new collection?