Killer Coaster


Lettering for the Killer Coaster one shot comic. Art/story by Roger Bonet – Dialogue by Víctor Alós. Part of the Unrated Comic Halloween Special, by Unrated Comics editorial

GO Undercover #01


Lettering for GO Undercover #1 comic, by Iván Sarnago. Part of Unrated Comics present #1 magazine By Unrated Comics Editorial

Mike Martin


Lettering for Mike Martin a comic of Unrated comics editorial. Script: Iván Sarnago over and original idea by Javier Picón, Art: Lorenzo González LLopis, Inks and colours: Jorge Bermejo.  .

“Mas que un dolor de espalda”

Colors, Lettering and Layout Design

Digital colors, lettering and editorial layout for the comic “Más que un dolor de espalda” for Ceade Foundation, edited by Unrated comics. Script and art by Gerard Tauste.