Watch How to Draw a Cat in Color with Clip Studio Paint


In the video I show you as a digital drawing a color cat with Clip Studio Paint, you will see the technique of strokes and tools that I use.

Hi!, I invite you to watch the video where I make a color sketch directly in Clip Studio Paint.

I always do the sketches in streaming on my picarto channel, subscribe here so you do not miss these sessions and there you can ask me everything you need to know.t

Surfer girl sketch process


Accompany me while I work on a sketch, the beginning of a surf girl series, enjoy it. The finished art it’s found published here.

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Sketching with Clip Studio woman in bikini and sunglasses – speed painting


Accompany me while I work on a sketch with clip studio. The finished art it’s found published here.

Mi primer speed painting!!

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En esta onda de mostrar los  procesos, hoy hice mi primer speed painting, queda mejorar detalles en edición, con lo que espero ir agregando contenido de manera regular a mi canal de youtube, así que estén atentos ¡¡que vienen más cosas!! 😀


Paz en Colombia, paz en el mundo



Un pequeño aporte para celebrar la firma del fin de 50 años de guerra sin sentido en Colombia, solo queda empezar a tender los puentes del amor para reconstruir nuestra tierra. 🙂

“Lo único que pedimos, es que den a la paz una oportunidad”

Jhon Lennon