Mas que un dolor de espalda Colors and lettering

Digital colors and lettering for the comic mas que un dolor de espalda for Unrated comics editorialDigital colors, lettering and editorial layout for the comic “Más que un dolor de espalda” for Ceade Foundation, edited by Unrated comics. Script and art by Gerard Tauste.

Surfer on the beach

Surfer on the beach is an illustration where you can see the whole process of evolution from the sketch of the idea to the final artwork, on my patreon page you will have access to wallpapers, sketchbook tour, and video process. Follow me: Patreon | Picarto | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube

Surf girl

First sketch of the beginning of a surf girl series. If you are more curious, in my patreon is available all the details of the process that I am doing every day.