Personal Projects

Curly hair girls

Digital art

Love curly hair girls, so for my theme of the year I’m working on a celebration of the curly hair of all ethnics. As I’m African American, I’m starting with sexy melanin curly hair girls.

Calm and Grateful 2021 Urban jungle series (so far)

Digital art

For 2021, Calm prints is working on a urban jungle inspired series, We love plants, and all green, a returning to a more equilibrated life with the earth.

So we decided use this inspiration as our 2021 theme 🙂

Calm and Grateful 2020 series

Digital art

My wife and I little baby project, Calm Prints Shop An on demand on-line shop with Illustrated products that symbolize our journey for a slow and healthy way of life 🙂

Sitting Girl studies

Digital art

Some studies of a sitting girls for a cover of a book. (Unused)

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