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One thing I sometimes find difficult is starting a new project. I have an idea, I feel like I know what I want it to be when it’s finished, but sometimes, I just can’t get started.  This happens when I try to make bulletin boards, think of display ideas, work on blog posts, or make dinner. If you’ve ever had this problem, creative thinker Lee Crutchley has come up with a great solution. His website called “The Art of Getting Started”  is full of prompts, ideas and fresh ways to look at things….everything you need to BEGIN!


He has a book, too! You can see some of his entries into the assignments page right here.  They’re great, and simple, and full of inspiration.  Sometimes, that’s all we need!





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Published by Erisado

Hi! I'm an illustrator, abstract art and comic artist currently located in Cali, Colombia. I grew up in Venezuela and had a diploma in fine arts from Armando Reverón Institute of Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela. I love telling stories with images. I always wanted to be a comic artist, but life led me to magazines and the challenge of facing the grid to help others tell their stories. In Colombia worked as a designer in Artworks Cali Decals shop and now I'm a freelance colorist, letterer and layout designer for Unrated comics. My favourite things are hamburgers, comics books, martial arts and the colour orange.

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